Cyber Norms and Ethics in Internet Governance

The era of digitalization has facilitated daily activities but how strongly are its users protected? What are the norms and regulations surrounding cyber norms and ethics in Internet governance? Digital transformation has given rise to several cyber security challenges that demand a well-defined structure and global security norms. Cyber norms and internet governance provide the framework for cybersecurity practices and mechanisms that ensure a safe digital space for all. Cyber norms are important in bridging the gap between values and the positive actions required to define policy principles to implement effective utilization of internet governance. They also define the international rules & accountability that are needed to protect users from any malicious attack.

There are various challenges in regulating cyberspace owing to diverse cyber security issues. There is a need to reflect on the norms, voluntary standards, guidelines, best practices, and capacity building to manage cybersecurity-related risks and to foster collaboration between countries, institutions, users, and other stakeholder groups.

IIGF21 would aim at discussing: How should international standards address the different requirements and preferences of governments and citizens in different countries? What can be the approach and standard practices that can be adopted? What has been India’s learning from the various initiatives underway to make cyberspace secure? What should be the role of different stakeholders? What can be done at the national and international level to tackle private sector companies that aid and abet nation state attackers? Can we maintain cultural diversity while at the same time agreeing to universal values to underpin internet governance? How can we translate these values into practical guiding principles for different internet stakeholders, from the technical community through to regulators and users? What are the current and future trends in global cyber regulations and privacy norms around internet governance?

IIGF 21 shall provide a platform to highlight India's efforts and way forward in enhancing its cyber security norms and how India could be a leading force in Global Internet Governance by including different stakeholders. It shall explore the need to protect human rights in cyberspace and build a safe & healthy digital environment for all.